We believe that everyone needs Inspiration and Encouragement. Our goal is to provide you with just that! Take a look around our shop and find YOUR heart before moving on.  Do NOT let the enemies of apathy, indifference or lack of inspiration negatively affect YOUR family! WE CARE about YOUR family! We are on a mission to help families grow strong through Inspiration, Education, Motivation, Laughter and Love. PLEASE remember to visit our website at for MORE Inspiration!!! Serving God and YOUR family is our mission ! 

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Inspiring Tees

Why Hearts of Fire Boutique?

In todays world there are many forces competing for our attention AND our affection. No matter where we look we are bombarded with messages that promote things that draw us away from the really important things in life. Nothing is more obvious than the messages we sport around on our backs (and our fronts) with the clothing we wear. The big name brands have capitalized on this fact. How many times have you seen a shirt promoting Nike, Under Armor or your favorite beverage? The key is getting their products name in front of as many eyes as possible. The eyes are truly the window to our souls and what we "see" we have a tendency to covet.

In a world where the family is so fractured, it gets harder each day to keep our families focused on what is really important. Our families get sent out into the world every day to face the voices of a corrupt and decaying world with only the tools we give them. Should we send them out with messages to share that promote the next biggest fad or the products of some profit driven corporation that seeks only to bolster their "bottom line". WE say NO!!!

We believe in the power of influence. We believe that every family member brings something beautiful to the table of life and that every message we share has the power to Inspire someone to greatness! We offer clothing that you can feel good about sending your family out in with messages that inspire and encourage!

THAT is why we have created this shop! Our sincere desire is to promote messages that encourage excellence. We want to cause people to think about whats truly important in life. We believe that even the smallest among us has the power to influence.  The words we speak AND the clothing we wear makes a statement about who we are and what we believe.

We are unapologetically Christian in our beliefs and understand that a real relationship with God is essential to living a truly productive life.  We believe that it is only through Jesus Christ that we can find our way to God. 

 We believe that you deserve to look your very best without spending a fortune and make a heart statement as well!  Share your email with us and we will keep you posted weekly on all our new arrivals! We update our inventory daily and  are sure that you will find exactly what you're looking for, including encouraging books and digital resources. 

We will build our brand on the principles of love, compassion and community! We are open to your design ideas and will work with you to put your vision out for the world to see. Sign up for our newsletter and join our community. 

Help us change the world and SET HEARTS ON FIRE!!!

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