By; Rex A Lones

What does it mean to carry someone elses burden? What does that actually look like? . We’ve all known a friend carrying a heavy burden and yet so often, we don’t know how to help even when we want to. We must begin with our own hearts. We must first find OUR fulfillment in God alone and allow His grace and love to fuel us.

After you fuel up, you will find strength and excitement about serving others. Striving to carry another’s burden then comes naturally. Our church doors are always open to those who are suffering and being a “hospital for hurting souls“, it should be the first choice for those who are carrying a load.

That doesn’t take away OUR personal responsibility of bearing the burdens of others. The Bible tells us so. Burdens can come in many forms and shapes. In Galations 6 we are told that when we “catch someone else in a sin“, a burden (my definition) we should restore that person in a spirit of gentleness. It next indicates that when we do bear the burden of someone else we are fulfilling the “Law of Christ.”

What does THAT mean? I believe that when Jesus answered the question, “Which commandment is the most important of all,” He told us!

Jesus said to “love God with ALL our soul, mind, and strength” and secondly we are to “love our neighbor as ourself.” In my mind, THAT is what is meant by the Law of Christ! We are not talking about the Mosiac Covenant but the New Covenant written in the blood of our Redeemer!

Jesus already fulfilled the old testament law and the new covenant that He established was a covenant of redemption and forgiveness. The love He has for us and the love we return to Him is what fuels the fire of OUR FAITH. The Law of Christ is the Law of Love! Bearing someones burden is an act of love.

Without a constant and intimate connection with the Lord, it will be impossible to love others as we are called. Are you in constant communion with God?  Is your heart at rest with His peace?  We must allow His grace, love and strength to fuel us. When we help someone who is carrying something heavy we should reflect back on what Jesus carried for us. Sometimes helping to carry anothers burden can be painful.

To keep it in perspective, we are not called to pull others out of suffering.  We are called to walk alongside them and “help” carry their burdens. I think that Galations 6 also tells us that our “motives” are important in bearing someones burdens. We are told to “test our own work” to determine if we are doing it for the right reason. When we help by supporting someone without the expectation of something in return, we got our priorities “STRAIGHT!”

I am reminded of The Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5,6 & 7. Jesus clearly tells us to to not make a spectacle of our efforts to help others who struggle. Just quietly and privately do your act of love. Otherwise , don’t be a rich Pharisee!!! Their reward can’t compare to the rewards that await those with clean hearts!

We should all be challenged to “examine our own heart” as we reach out to others. Not only is it the right thing to do but it is what we need from others. Remember, we will “reap what we sow” which means we will find others willing to help us bear OUR burdens if we do the same. I think God promises us that! I’ve seen it “up close and personal!”

We carry another’s burdens when we humbly come alongside them and support them wherever they are in their walk with God. We must remember that God is the one True Deliverer.  It isn’t up to us to alleviate suffering. Carrying another’s burden does not mean to take away their pain.  It simply means to hold them up and point them to Christ.

I have come to one un-escapable truth about bearing the burdens of others. It is the BEST way to express the “Heart of Christ!” #discipleship #eyesonHim

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